Hampas ng La Paz: “Skimboarders Play With Clay!” (Part 9)

The first local skimboarding competition in La Paz ended at noon time. After having lunch, we had a lot of time to rest. Some of the skimboarders continued chasing waves, and the others, decided to try getting their hands dirty with clay.

There’s always a first time for everyone. The first drop of the board on the water, the first glide on the surface of the water with a skimboard, the first fall, the first set of beats for a palpitating heart while running for a good wave, etc.

Clay Ave students who came to Zambales, couldn’t wait to have their hands all muddy!

IMG_8458The skimboarding competition judges, Manoy Bazar, Ian Olmedo, and Melvin Blair Abad, played with clay too!

IMG_8586Ian created Jaromanoy’s character with clay : ) (Ian designs skimboards for Jaromanoy in San Felipe, Zambales).


IMG_8597While the others make their own characters in clay, Jason spent his clay time forming his “bangka” with slabs and coils of clay.

IMG_8594Some of the locals joined our clay time too. My friend, Jazel, an artist from Manila, concentrates on her first shot with clay. The skimboarders’ trophies on the table are all handmade in Barangay La Paz, San Nariciso, Zambales.

IMG_8602Thanks to friends, Jazel and Ginny, who came all the way from Manila to support Hampas ng La Paz!

IMG_8588The sun appeared the whole day, when rain started to fall, it was still beautiful. The skim spot was just right, the waves were all great, the competitors and judges had a great time.

We all got stoked from the waves, the local clay, and friendships that were formed during the competition.

The day isn’t over without having an after party!

Putik at alon, isa lamang ang epekto mo sa aming lahat at ito ay kaligayan.

Up next: Reggae Night in Villa Kiana Beachfront!

Hampas ng La Paz: “First Local Skimboarding Competition” (Part 8)

The locals of La Paz have been practicing their skimboarding skills for the competition. They are running faster, they drop their boards with more strength, and more confidence can be seen in their eyes as they glide on the surface of the water. What used to be a time of play, is now a competition. Not to make one better than the other, but to simply acknowledge their passion for this water sport.

The first local skimboarding competition was born in July 27th, 2013. Neighbors, friends, barangay officers, and relatives in all ages witnessed a favorite sport these guys play every single day.

1084919_10201868397416268_684699673_o“Hampas” is a Tagalog word which means, to slam against something. With their skimboards slamming against the water and vise versa, these guys run as fast as they can, to catch speed on land and on water.

IMG_8565The Competitors arrive early with their board wax. With traction pads in place, they make sure, that sliding on their boards, is not an excuse in having a low score during the competition.

IMG_8557The competition begins and we wait patiently as each skimboarder take his turn.

892519_10201868971390617_1774509980_oThe locals cheer for their favorite player.

1079029_10201868615461719_1313347732_oSkimboarding starts by waiting for the right wave to come. The competitors scan the sea from left to right and they run fast to catch a wave well.



1072557_10201868918749301_120251909_oAs soon as the judges announce, “Every drop counts!” The competitors enter the water with all the tricks they could ever show us.

1094672_10201868950550096_1951052879_oWith a given time to rest, and while watching the others play, they catch their breaths.

1096974_10201868919389317_783427827_oKids from age ten years old joined the competition. These are the kids who will try their best to ride a wave. And even if they don’t get in their first attempt, they will keep trying harder. Next year, they will be better players. One of them exclaimed, “If the adults can do it, we can do it too!” It’s so encouraging to see the little ones from age five and ten years old, watching the competitors play the sport. With boards that don’t even look close to a skimboard, they keep running and riding waves too. I will not be surprised if some of them will register for next year’s competition!

1094027_10201868926789502_1307445127_oThe competition will not be possible without the presence of the judges, who are also professional skimboarders in Zambales: Ian Olmedo (Jaromanoy), Manoy Bazar (Jaromanoy), and Melvin Blair Abad


1094066_10201868522779402_709586957_oEverything happened so quickly. From bringing all the things to Villa Kiana Beachfront to gathering all the people for the competition. This is definitely the beginning of many events to come in La Paz.

1085214_10201868988271039_2021127981_oSpecial thanks to: Louie Abiva and Family for accommodating us at Villa Kiana Inn, The staff of VKI for helping us set up the beachfront area, The competitors for simply having a great time, Zambales Boardriding Association, and thanks to Clay Ave students and friends who came all the way from Manila to support this event. Victor and Gela Guerrero, thank you for your photography skills and graphics design skills too!

Most importantly, Thank You, Creator of the sun, sand, and sea. If not for you, this event will not happen on a rainy week! Thank You for the favor you have granted for all of us: good waves and good weather! You heard every prayer uttered in your name. How generous of you to have blessed us!

Hampas ng La Paz is going to be an annual event in skimboarding and pottery making in Barangay La Paz, San Narciso, Zambales.

Up next: Clay time after the competition!