Clay Footwork

A lot of brand new pots will be born out of the clay that I have been processing lately at the pottery studio. My hands have been busy forming pots on the wheel and with slab making over the holidays. But I started this week by getting my feet into some mud action.

In New York, where I did pottery making for almost two years, it was much easier to use ready-made and processed clay. Having a pugmill available when they recycle clay, all we have to do is get them in the big plastic buckets and knead away. Sometimes kneading by hand is not needed anymore. But here in The Philippines, we mix and recycle clay on our own with our bare feet. There are several ways to process clay. But working with my feet has been my favorite.  With all my body weight, my clay will definitely be lump-free : )

Looking at ceramics doesn’t usually show how it has been made. It is a very laborious task that needs a lot of physical strength. Pottery making can be tiring, but it’s always a joy to sink my feet in wet and squishy clay.

These hands can’t wait to make pieces out of my freshly kneaded clay. After all the footwork that I did today, tomorrow will be a very busy day kicking the wheel and rolling out slabs of clay. It’s time to rest my tired back. The clay can’t stay on the ground. So I had to carry kilos of them on the table.

I think I’m going to ask someone to step on my back one of these days or have some serious Thai massage…