Hampas ng La Paz: “Aramid Ito Pitak Nga Naggapu To Zambales” (Part 4)

Clay Ave has been open to teaching Pottery for kids, teens, and adults, in Manila. It has always been a dream of mine, sharing what I know, to people in the province. It’s a good time, being back to my roots. It would be nice to start here. Without any town fiesta to keep everyone busy, and a good amount of sunny days to create with clay, we gathered and got our hands busy with mud. With a lot of time in my hands while in Zambales, I knew that being here at this time of my life, would encourage people to acquire a new skill. It would be good to give back to a place, where great memories from my childhood were spent.

Clay Ave’s first, free, pottery workshop, was given to the locals of Barangay La Paz in July 2013.

Fifteen locals gathered in Villa Kiana Inn for the workshop. Some came as a family and the others as a group of friends. Some of the skimboarders of the town, joined the workshop too.

IMG_8135The workshop started by showing the locals some photos of Ceramics. I told them, “Anything can possibly be made with clay. Time and dedication are just some of the key elements, to be able to pursue the craft.” They got more excited in getting their hands all dirty.

IMG_8172They learned Pinching and Slab Making on the first day of the workshop. Some were able to make hallow mangoes and vases using simple templates. The goal is to spark interest among the locals. “If I have hands to create and ears to listen to instructions, you can do what I can too.” With eagerness in learning, all shown with their smiles, we continue getting more busy.

IMG_8115Sourcing clay is the most important part in making Pottery. Getting to know one’s medium, is the beginning of learning what can be made out of it, how to handle the material between the hands, etc.

1082113_611041878935617_404267753_nAnother full day was a trip dedicated for the mountains in San Narciso, Zambales. With several buckets and a shovel, we dug some local clay and processed them for a few days. Terracotta is the most common kind of clay that can be found here. Terracotta is an ingredient, which can also be added, to a stoneware clay recipe someday.

IMG_8158I couldn’t help but feel hungry as we make these mangoes from pinching clay!

IMG_8165A full day of pottery workshop will not be complete without food being served.

IMG_8185The Ramos Family of Crystal Beach Resort came too!


Thank You, cousin Dodo Ramos and Family for stopping by. I hope you can join the next workshop soon!

It took about almost a week, for all the works, to become fully dry. This is just the beginning of a series of pottery workshops, to be held in Barangay La Paz, San Narciso, Zambales.

Thank You, to those who came last July. And to the ones who are interested in trying it out too, I am looking forward to seeing what you can make soon!

“Aramid Ito Pitak Nga Naggapu To Zambales” (Made with local clay) is a series of pottery workshop in Barangay La Paz for the locals of San Narciso, Zambales.

Up next: First open firing of local clay in San Narciso, Zambales!


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