Clay Ave’s Fourth Art & Pottery Field Trip: Lanelle Abueva’s Crescent Moon Cafe (Part 4 of 6)

After our two-hour tour of the Pinto Museum and almost an hour of browsing through and shopping in the sale room,  we’re ready for lunch! 


The staff of Crescent Moon Cafe brought our food from the kitchen into the dining area, one chafing dish at a time. We were hungry : )


Colorful plates were stacked on red table cloth, showing the vibrancy of each color even more. The color that stood out the most was green from the Alagao leaves. 


For an appetizer, we had Alagao leaves (a herbal plant) with toasted and crunchy alamang shrimps, cubed green mangoes, basil leaves, red onions, green chili and a sweet dressing that surely tops all the flavors. 


There are different ways to eat this. First is by rolling it up. Put your choice of filling on the leaf with the dressing as the base. Second is by tossing it all together after setting your plate with all the ingredients. We like it rolled up all together! And what did we have for the main course?


Boiled beef with cabbage, beans, and potatoes

Fried fish fillet

Meat with bean sprouts, cauliflower, snow peas, and baby corn

Chicken curry

Suman with very sweet mango for dessert 

 A tour of the pottery workshop is on its way, and we all needed the energy for the rest of the day! 

Continue reading to see what Lanelle showed  us next! 



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