Clay Ave’s Fourth Art & Pottery Field Trip (Part 1 of 6)

We look forward to doing different things each year. One of the activities in Clay Ave, is organizing pottery field trips. I enjoy knowing, who are interested, going on road trips and seeing local pottery in The Philippines. I still get all excited, when I visit the Potters, either by myself or with relatives, friends, or students. It’s more than “looking forward” to seeing them. I think it’s more than excitement, witnessing the passion that comes from the hearts of people who have pursued life, getting their hands all dirty with clay, and spending hours firing the kiln.

Last January 26th, 2013, sixteen of us went to Antipolo City to visit two destinations: Pinto (which means “door”) Museum and Lanelle Abueva’s Crescent Moon Cafe.

Since Dr. Joven Cuanan’s “Pinto” is only ten minutes away from Lanelle’s cafe and pottery workshop, I wanted my students to see a wide collection of contemporary Art, terra sculptures, and handmade Ceramics along the way.

Crescent Moon Map

Jollibee has become the meeting place of Clay Ave students. For those of us who arrive early, we make sure to have breakfast before we hit the road. The others have gone ahead and followed the map bravely from Manila to Antipolo City. It was good, leaving Manila at 7:30am.


We arrived at the museum in less than an hour from Manila! Mr. Andy Orencio, one of Philippine’s contemporary artists and resident artist of Pinto, gave us a tour of the gallery and museum.


We were given brochures which reads the other destinations in The Philippines owned by Dr. Cuanan. These places hold his Art collection of contemporary paintings, ceramics, metal, wood, resin, etc.

I remember going to Sitio Remedios in Currimao, Ilocos Norte two years ago. A beachfront village with different houses that were put together from old and sold homes around the country.



We started spotting works in clay by terra cotta artists from Bacolod (Joe Geraldo) and Dumaguete City (Mark Valenzuela).



These are terra sculptures by Roberto Acosta aka “Bertong Putik” from Baguio City.


It was fun seeing these pieces by a good friend, Aba Lluch Dalena.


Handmade stoneware bowl by Hadrian Mendoza.



Big plate by Jeff van den Broeck of Baguio City. 



Tall pieces by Joey De Castro.


I am so surprised to see, how Pinto has become so big! I remember going in 2008 with just the gallery in the whole property. Here we are, still all smiles after walking around Antipolo City’s Art haven for two hours.

Now I wonder, how an avid fan of Ceramics, collect handmade pieces, created by Philippine Potters!

Visit Pinto Art Gallery and Museum at # 1 Sierra Madre, Grand Heights, Antipolo City.

See more photos of our trip by adding Clay Ave through this Facebook link: 


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