Visiting The Masters Of Philippine Pottery: “MudKING and MudQUEEN” (Part 8 of 8)

The afternoon in November 24th is already starting to feel very relaxing after having our big meal at The Pettyjohn’s. Just when we thought we were done with our pottery field trip, Jon asked us, “Who wants to see a nice view from Los Banos?” All of us were ready for anything that day. With nothing else planned out for the rest of the afternoon, we asked Jon to lead us the way.

Jon asked us to stop right where the Magnetic Hill can be experienced. I remember Jon taking me to the same spot when I visited them last year. He said that he always brings his guests to the same spot. We made a full stop, put the vehicle on neutral, released the brakes, and nothing happened. It worked when I was riding Jon’s car a year ago : ) His vehicle rolled up the hill!


The Philippine High School for the Arts in Los Banos, Laguna, is one of Imelda Marcos’ grand projects. Only a few minutes away from Jon and Tessy’s home, you can see one of The Philippines’ best views from the top!


To the left is the ridge of Tagaytay with all the green trees. Looking ahead to where the buildings are, we saw Manila in a different view. We saw Alabang, Makati, Pasig, Quezon City, etc. Smog covering the whole city too!


Everyone got curious after seeing the Crocodile Island from above sea level. Travelers in the group can’t wait to explore the island in 2013!


After having a breath of fresh air and taking photos, we said our goodbyes. It was a full day of exposure in Ceramics. It’s always nice to end a trip by doing some sightseeing. Nature really plays a big role in inspiring Ceramic Artists to create works of Art with  clay. I gave the beautiful view below us my one last glance. I am very thankful for being able to spend the day with Clay Ave students and the Masters in Philippine Pottery.

Thank You, my students, for your willingness to tour our beautiful country with me. We will keep visiting pottery destinations in the country. We will keep seeing who are getting their hands busy with clay. For as long as kilns are fired, and lumps of clay are kneaded, we are there!


We are going to keep a traditional craft alive today with new forming techniques and modern ways of firing kilns.

Jon and Tessy, you are the mudKING and mudQUEEN in Philippine Pottery. You have succeeded, failed, and continued creating pottery despite the hardships a Potter goes through. Thank You for sharing with us your home that will forever remain as a destination for great craftsmanship and dedicated passion for one of our country’s traditional crafts. Thank You for encouraging the young Philippine potters today to keep working hard. May you continuously be blessed as you have blessed others with a great skill including myself.

Future pottery exhibitons of The Pettyjohns will be posted here and on Clay Ave’s website. Students and friends, you will be invited!

Year 2012 is about to end and this only means that more pottery field trips will be lined up in 2013! Where are we going next? Someone was very patient with me as I learn how to center my clay with the potter’s wheel in 2002. Meet my first pottery teacher, Lanelle Abueva of Crescent Moon Café in Antipolo City on January! It is going to be another educational and gastronomic adventure for Clay Ave students!

Old and new students are welcome to join the next trip! Tayo na sa Antipolo!

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