Pottery In January!


You have tried doing new things in 2012 and loved them. A brand new year is coming and you’re wondering, “What can I try doing next?” You browse the internet and see a lot of interesting things to do in Travel, Food, Arts and Crafts, Sports, etc.


A destination in Manila awaits those who dare to get their hands dirty with clay in 2013.


Downloading an application is not necessary. Clay Ave is a place where electronic gadgets are put aside, sleeves are rolled up, and people are encouraged to play with soft clay.

For old students, reserve a slot as early as now to continue creating your handmade pots. And for new students who can’t wait to start getting their hands muddy in January, welcome!

Clay Ave Gift Certificates!

Are you looking for something unique to give for Christmas? Presents don’t have to be contained in a box. Give a gift that can be unwrapped several times! Allow your friends and loved ones to acquire a new skill in 2013 by attending pottery lessons. Come for one, four, or the whole package of eight sessions.

Gift Certificate