Visiting The Masters Of Philippine Pottery: “Studio Tour” (Part 3 of 8)


The showroom or gallery is the space that shows the final output from all the hard work potters go through. It is a space that is mostly visited by friends, guests, or collectors. The process of creating pottery is mostly neglected. But to the curious ones, they want to see how everything is made. What tools are used? What equipment can bring life to a lump of clay? How much water is needed to keep the clay moist? How long does the Potter store clay before it is used? How much stress can raw clay handle? How gentle are the Potter’s hands when he forms his clay?

Join this trip as you see the photos from our recent trip to the Pettyjohn’s home in Pansol, Laguna.

Everyone seemed to be all perked up after having their coffee at the guest house. We all knew that we were about to see a much bigger pottery studio, carrying the craftsmanship by  two of our country’s pride in Ceramics.

Ulap has been friendly to everyone. He assists us as we walk around his Masters’ playground. (Photo by Victor Guerrero)

The students touch whatever they set their eyes on. Kylee observes this teapot quietly. Jon eventually showed us how he made it with the potter’s wheel.

Jon showed us some pots that came from the recent Anagama firing. There were some accidents from the firing, like a whole shelf collapsing with big pots on them. A problem caused by melting old kiln posts. What a good trait to learn from a Master in Ceramics: Admitting one’s fault to prevent the same problem from reoccurring in the future.

We continue to touch whatever we see on the table or around the workshop area. (Photo by Victor Guerrero)

After satisfying our craving for handmade pottery, by feeling the surface of every pot we see, Jon shows us his favorite toy. His potter’s wheel.

This pottery field trip will not be complete without seeing the potter’s wheel spinning for us. As soon as Jon sat on his chair, we came closer to him and brought all our cameras out! “What are you making, Jon?” I asked. “I don’t know. We’ll see.” He was right, all we did was to look at how he caresses his clay between his hands.

He forms his pots like magic.

To be continued…

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