Pottery Lessons Promo!

What does the beginning of the “ber” months say in The Philippines? Christmas is just around the corner! It’s only the month of October and our Christmas list gets longer through December. Most of us think of special things to give away. What could that special thing be? Is it something that costs so much and will eventually get old and rotten? What can be more special than something with a cool brand, or an affordable piece, yet its quality doesn’t last for a lifetime? HANDMADE THINGS. Who will make them? You will!

Potter’s wheels are turning, raw pieces of clay are kneaded on the table, slabs of clay are transformed into functional pieces, bisque fired pots are dipped into buckets with glaze, and the kiln is all fiery too! Join the fun at Clay Ave and be proud of yourself for creating something out of nothing! Bring life to a lump of clay!

Put those electronic gadgets aside and sink those hands into wet clay! Get those hands dirty right at Clay Ave, where people from all ages and nationalities are welcome!

Clay Ave gives away a 5% discount each month for students who would like to reserve slots for pottery lessons in Manila. I am looking forward to meeting you at the mud pit in Quezon City!

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