La Meridiana Food Recipes

What does someone look forward to when one goes to Italy? Sightseeing, check. Shopping, correct. Art, sure. People watching, very possible. But what is it that every country in the world, tries to capture in their own homes and local restaurants? Yes, food!

Our lunch meals are included in the fees for the one week workshop. We all look forward to this as this is the longest break we have during the day. After getting our hands busy with clay, we are not tired enough to stick our forks on probably one of the best Italian meals, we could ever experience in the whole country. Thank to La Meridiana’s private chef, Lucia!

Many thanks to the staff of La Meridiana as well, for serving us our lunch every single day! Sometimes I wonder if they don’t ever get tired of serving people all throughout the month! If you look at the school’s schedule of classes, one would wonder, “Do they have any break/s at all?” I know how it feels like, not to have any break and I experienced over fatigue.Wow to the staff! Thank You Sara and Setenay! I admire physically strong women! Pietro surely knows how to delegate work at the school. Another lesson learned on my part : )

Everyday at 10:30AM, we have a coffee break. I am not a coffee drinker but I enjoy the cookies they serve. I like them a lot. This is a fifteen minute break that everyone looks forward to as well. We all gather here to eat, chat, and stare at the Tuscan landscape behind us. There’s another coffee break in the afternoon, which is held closer to the studio.

Everything in the kitchen is handmade with clay:  plates, cups, saucers, pitchers, soup bowls, serving bowls, sugar bowls, cream containers, etc.

What catches my attention is the glaze that was used on each piece. I am still very much attracted to Asian inspired ones like Tenmoku. A Japanese word which means “heaven’s eye” in English.

After checking out the handmade pottery on our tables, one cannot resist the smell and appearance of all the food they serve us everyday at La Meridiana. Here’s what they have prepared for us from Monday thru Friday:


      Spaghetti with pesto and tomatoes

  Stuffed Turkey Breast



 Potatoes gnocchi with lemon and thyme

 Ricotta pie with green pepper corn

  Lemon Tart


   Zucchini soup

Chicken with olives

   Bavarian peach custard


  Trofie with zucchini and gorgonzola cheese

  Onion pie and mushroom pie

  Fruit salad


Vegetable soup

 Roast beef and potatoes


After having all this for a week, I am thankful that they let me stay at the farthest lodging from the school! It was very helpful, walking off the calories every morning!



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