La Meridiana Experience (1st)

Meeting at the train station in Certaldo is the beginning of our La Meridiana experience in Italy. Summer is at its peak. We are all sweaty, hungry, and exhausted. Most of us have travelled from different parts of the world in the same day. I had a good amount of break in Puglia when I arrived in Italy two weeks earlier. I can just imagine how tiring it could have been if I came all the way from Manila!

When we arrived in Pietro’s property, we all got excited even more. Let me know right now, if there is no reason to be excited about this photo…

I can end this post right here and let you take your time as you enjoy everything you can see here. This is exactly how I felt when I arrived here: “Wow! This spot alone makes my dream come true. But I’m not going home yet! I am going to be here for a week!” This is a portion of Pietro’s property in Certaldo. Thanks Roseline for lending me this photo!

Pietro gave us a tour of his property. Little surprises such as this welcomed us at La Meridiana. A Tuscan landscape is more than breathtaking!

This is the front side of the old farm house where all the clay action happens! From a magazine and a website, I surely walked through my dream : )

We had a little tour where the kilns are too. After seeing the Tuscan landscape, I wanted to stay on a rocking chair and inhale all the greatness of this Tuscan summer! But as soon as I heard Pietro talk about his wood kiln, my feet wanted to walk ahead of me! LOL!

Pietro tells us how he fires his kiln. I miss firing a wood fire kiln and would love to have my own someday in the province. This is one of the things I want to learn, so I could help other communities build their own kilns too! There are different types of kilns and this is one of the many types that fire pots so beautifully!

The sun starts to set after the tour of La Meridiana. Just like in the movies, it clearly looks like this! We waited for the other participants who came a little late here. We introduced ourselves to one another and had a very relaxing afternoon.

The first day took away all the stress from walking under the Tuscan sun. It was a very hot day but the wind starts to cool down as soon as the sun starts to set. It was all worth it. And this is just the beginning of the one week workshop.

Stay tuned for more posts about La Meridiana….

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