Handmade Porcelain Pottery & Jewelry

Coming from a country, where Potters work with stoneware and terra cotta clay, I am so overwhelmed to see pottery and jewelry in Porcelain. It’s very good to be studying under an instructor who is very generous with ideas. He did not hold back any of his ideas from us. Generosity comes with great confidence. He did not take ownership of techniques he has taught us. He shared them all with elegance and style.

When Luca enters the studio with a warm kiln shelf between his hands, we all stop whatever we are busy with. We gather around the table where he puts our pieces and observe them one by one. All of us were able to follow his instructions . We all produced something using the different techniques he shared to us.

Here are Rita’s work. She works in a university with a Ceramics studio in Portugal. Like me, she came to La Meridiana to  have a holiday and learn how to make jewelry with porcelain clay. Rita is one of the funniest people I know in the world! Your childish ways, I will never forget : )

Dora is a potter and a jewelry designer from Greece. I like her pieces the most. Big and bold jewelry pieces! I will never forget how she calls me, “My exotic lady!” Dora has an arts and crafts school in Athens, Greece – which I would love to see someday too! I hope that her dream comes true someday: To build her second school on one of the islands in Greece and very near the sea!

The workshop on Jewelry in Porcelain will not end without seeing Luca Tripaldi’s handmade creations! Here are some of his neck pieces. The one on the left on Lucia is made with black and white porcelain clay. The one on the right on Rita is a choker with decals designed by Luca.

His and hers version of Luca’s works.

Luca Tripaldi is a jewelry designer, Potter, and a very professional teacher. He also works with the very advanced, 3D electronic Ceramics designing machine that is starting to become famous all over the world.

Luca! I’ve invited you to come to Manila when we were at La Meridiana. I am inviting you once again to come to Manila,  and hold a workshop here for locals and international participants too. I will definitely keep in touch with you. Let’s plan something!

Thank You, Luca Tripaldi, for hosting such an intensive and creative workshop with Porcelain clay. Your elegance in teaching has exceeded my expectations as a student. I learned a lot from you as a jewelry designer and a teacher. Thank You for sharing with us your patience, grace, and style. We salute you!




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