Certaldo Alto Festival

Certaldo Alto is a medieval town in Tuscany. La Maridiana is less than thirty minutes away from here. After having an intensive workshop on Thursday, we were asked if we wanted to see the town festival. It was the best time to be away from school for a while because we were all starting to get tired. The workshop is great of course, but we need to rest our bodies and eyes too, from seeing the same things over and over. Seeing other people’s art work is definitely a great way to spend an evening in Tuscany.

We arrived as a group and we decided to keep it that way until evening : )

You see, this is one of my passions in life. To see handmade arts and crafts. A lot of artists from different parts of Italy came here with their unique pieces. Just like any art fair, some creations are ok, and some are quite common-looking. Different materials were shown during the fair: leather, wood, silver jewelry, pottery, clay jewelry, handmade paper, glass, etc. I surely had a great time with fellow clay lovers!

This guy was forming glass when we saw him. It’s my first time to see someone working with glass : )

Here’s a lady doing some paper marbling techniques.

Spotted! A Potter, teaching some kids, how to center their clay with the potter’s wheel!

We spotted this guy doing some weaving too!

There were musical performances throughout the evening and some of them were so amazing, I could’t take my eyes off of them. Taking my camera out of my bag was not even an option because I didn’t want to miss a second of their presentation.

There were a lot of jewelry makers who joined the fair and this set up of foldable table/shelving has caught my attention. It was late in the evening and she was still very busy creating something.

It was a long day and a very long night but everything was worth seeing. This time in Tuscany has been special because of what I learned, what I’ve seen, the food I’ve eaten, and whom I’ve met and spent time with for a week. Thank You ladies, for making this trip memorable.

It was almost midnight when we got back to our lodging in Certaldo. It’s an early day the next day and I heard we’re going to Florence in the afternoon! What a surprise!

Cheers to us and see you all in Manila one day!


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