Afternoon In Florence

One of the workshop’s itineraries is a trip to Florence on Friday afternoon. La Meridiana is about an hour away by train from Firenze. Luca would like us to see a store that sells jewelry components. None of us brought anything from our jewelry tool boxes : )

It was another very hot day but the great company accelerated the presence of heat around us!

My housemates and I make sure we are still looking fresh under the very hot Tuscan sun! : )

The travel time was fast. Most of us took a nap in the train as we hear Luca talk about the different kinds of mosquitos in Italy. LOL!

The store where we went to is very near the Duomo. I am very proud to say that we have more jewelry components in Divisoria and Quiapo in Manila : )

Right before heading back to Santa Maria Novella train station, we made sure we stopped here one last time : )

When we arrived in Certaldo, we were brought to this pizzeria near La Meridiana. All of us were happy to have a big meal for dinner! Non-stop pizza with nutella and strawberry pizzas for dessert too!  The beer I had completed the desired meal for the day!

With all tummies full, we were all ready to face our last day of creating jewelry with Luca. Some good things come to an end, but it will surely not be the last time that we will all see each other. What is the next destination, ladies? Repeat after me…M A N I L A ! ! ! : )

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