Summer Pottery Fun @ Clay Ave!

Clay Ave Pottery Studio in Manila has been a destination this summer for all ages. Kids, teens, and adults, make sure to get their hands dirty with clay.

The pottery studio is looking better through time. Thanks to the two-week break right before summer!

Students have come to pinch pots, create coils, roll slabs of clay, glaze, throw with the potter’s wheel, etc. Most of them don’t have any previous background with molding or forming clay between their hands. One doesn’t have to be an expert, to enjoy the endless benefits of making pottery.

One of the students, Rica, comes to Clay Ave with her daughter. After a few sessions, she brought her other  two year old daughter to play with clay. Neon-colored clay at Clay Ave is always, always welcome : ) It was cute seeing a small pair of hands working with clay!

One day, my students, brought their iPads to Clay Ave. I gave them a little challenge and asked them to form pots using their gadget. After being so focused on working on their pots digitally, I asked them to create the exact form with real clay! Put those electronic gadgets aside and get your hands dirty with real clay, people!

Sophia loves making pots using the Hand Building techniques. But as soon as she starts working with the potter’s wheel, she keeps coming back for more sessions! I can’t help but admire her very cool nails covered with mud!

Most of the students come on Saturdays to relax with the potter’s wheel. They work hard during the week and make sure that they get all relaxed on weekends. Centering the clay can be one of two things: soothing and relaxing. Experience both right at Clay Ave!

Slots are still open for Batch 5 for Basics in Hand Building. Batch 2 & 3 are still open for Basics in Wheel Throwing. Please visit htt:// to see more details about your first muddy experience in Manila! Send your inquiries to

What are you waiting for? Enroll now and get those hands dirty with clay!


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