10a Alabama Summer Arts & Crafts Fair

A year ago, I joined an arts and crafts fair in Manila. Read more about it on https://transformingclay.wordpress.com/2011/05/17/old-is-new/ This year, I decided to join again.

Crafters from around the tropical country, decide to bring their creations to an old house that is converted to a handmade haven, for people like me without a store, and shoppers who are looking for something unique.

It’s always good to join these fairs and meet people who are interested in what we create. People who know how hard we work for our passion: painting, jewelry, handmade dolls, perfume, ceramics, leather journals, upcycled furniture, etc.

The weather is terrible this summer, but it doesn’t stop us from packing our works, pricing them, and bringing them all to 10a Alabama. I left my apartment with my black trunk, my wooden stand by Resurrection, some photographs that I’ve printed, bayongs, white table and yellow chair. I am ready to meet people and hang out with other passionate artists and crafters.

Once we find our spot, we set up our table, chat with the other crafters, etc. What do we love the most? Finding items that you will NEVER see in malls, meeting people who want to buy them, and knowing that they are simply amazed by what we make with our own hands : )

In the afternoon, when 10a Alabama was starting to get packed, two musicians set up their spot for their number. I love the whole vibe in the backyard. Furniture by Resurrection were placed on random locations. You can sit anywhere, sit on the swing if you want to. It’s very laid back. A very relaxed environment to be in on a Sunday afternoon.

Not being able to shop in the mall (except for tiangges/flea markets that I love, love, love), going to an arts and crafts fair, will surely  make me spend some cash on works that are worth keeping. I am very happy to find some pieces that I’d love to call my own: suede journal, hand-stitched jute-sack-bags, crochet-covered stone, and bicycle magnets.  I made sure that I didn’t leave empty handed with some works made by my fellow crafters.

Thank You, Leah Sanchez and Arlene Barbaza, for making my wooden stand. A lot of people liked it during the fair! I think I’m going to have more made! To those who want to get their hands dirty with clay, see you at Clay Ave Pottery Studio soon! To my students, Paula and Sophie, thanks for coming all the way from Makati. My friend, Clark, thanks for carrying my stuff and driving me home!

Now these hands can’t wait to get all dirty again with clay, to create more works, for those who want to call my creations their own : )


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