Clay Ave Students’ Testimonies

Students go to Clay Ave for different reasons. Here are some testimonies from students who have joined and are still getting their hands dirty with clay at the pottery studio. Know why they have decided to enroll for pottery lessons, what they feel when they are working with clay, and what they want to share with others.
Paula McMeekin, British Housewife: “My friend made me to try it during private pottery lessons by Clay Ave at my friend’s house in Makati City. I feel peaceful and quiet when I am working with clay. It’s a good break to be away from kids at least once a week. I definitely recommend it to others!  It’s a good balance in life, most especially for moms who do house work.”

Anonymous: “I was ten years old when I first learned pottery at my school in Australia. Until today, I still love creating pots with my hands. I used to feel impatient when working with clay. But now, it’s more relaxing even if it’s challenging sometimes. Pottery lessons at Clay Ave is highly recommended!”

Isabelle Salonga, Filipino Associate Publishing Specialist at Thomson Reuters: “I always found pottery making to be an interesting activity and wanted to try it. I also wanted to create things with my hands. When I work with clay, I feel calm and relaxed. I definitely recommend it to others!”

Iori Espiritu, Filipino Graphic Designer: “I like to try a new art form and it’s also a form of catharsis. I feel relaxed when working with clay. And also very happy when I see my work done! It feels very fulfilling. I highly recommend it if you want to try something new.”

Charis Marquez, Filipino Housewife: “I like to do things with my hands creatively, and create something beautiful and useful. I feel relaxed and I enjoy myself with clay at Clay Ave. People should really try it!”

Beth Abiva-Isaac, Filipino Businesswoman & Hobby Painter: ” I enrolled for pottery lessons at Clay Ave to develop my creativity. I feel challenged to create something out of nothing. I definitely recommend it to others who are stressed out most of the time!”

Grace Sañez, Filipino Housewife  & Baker: “I started learning pottery during a trip to Japan in 1999 until 2001. I was amazed with the process of forming the pots to firing them in the kiln. The traditional craft has fascinated me since then. It is very therapeutic and I love working with my hands. Creating something with clay makes me happy and I look forward to my pottery lessons at Clay Ave!”

Kara Bianca Abapo, Filipino Manager, Yield Management-Analytics: “I’ve always been interested in the arts and I was recently inspired by the pottery, sculpture, and architecture I saw from the trip I had in Europe last year. I wanted to restore my creativity yet do something completely new to me. Working with clay makes me feel grounded yet inspired. Things seem much simpler. I feel far from the pressures of the daily grind. Mistakes are allowed and imperfections are preferred because that’s what makes each piece unique and your own. Yes! Clay Ave pottery lessons is highly recommended!”

Sonal Patil, Indian Housewife: ” I was really interested in knowing how to work with clay. It’s wonderful to see a shapeless lump transform to something beautiful . The joy of creating something from nothing is quite unique. It is strangely calming and you can feel the tensions drain away!”

Anyone can join pottery lessons. Feel the satisfying and therapeutic effects of working with clay as soon as you feel the earthy material between your hands.

For more inquiries about pottery lessons this summer, please visit


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