Clay Ave Pottery Studio By Mia Casal

A lot of people have gone out of town recently. Some have stayed in Manila. I’m one of the city people who didn’t leave at all. The beach is such a tempting destination to be in at this time of the year in The Philippines. Scorching hot, fine, white sand, and hours of swimming in the turquoise-colored sea. This is my idea of summer, but not for a couple of years now. I’m loving how I’m spending summer by teaching pottery and working with clay !

I have been busy preparing for summer pottery lessons at   Clay Ave Pottery Studio . Lumps of clay have been kneaded for students, glazes have been mixed, and stools have been made for everyone’s convenience. A wide array of pottery tools are now available in the studio too. They are all waiting to be used by you! : )

Thanks to my assistants, Manny and Iori, who are helping me around the studio this summer!

Clay Ave is a destination in Manila, where people can come in corporate attire, house clothes, leather shoes, sneakers, or  flip flops (and everything else in between).

The studio is right in the backyard of a home in Blue Ridge B, Quezon City. From C5 road, it’s the subdivision towards the very end of Libis or E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. And From EDSA  (north bound), turn right on Boni Serrano (formerly called ‘Santolan road’). The gate is on the left side of the road, right before reaching Libis.

To those who have not enrolled yet, slots are still open for summer pottery lessons! Please visit to see the summer program, schedule, etc. Contact me (Mia Casal) at 09178071978 or +632 9665168.

To old and new students! Thank You for choosing Clay Ave Pottery Studio, to be your creative destination this summer!

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