Summer Pottery Lessons In Manila!

It’s the time of the year, when parents are starting, to look for summer workshops for their kids. Streets in Manila are now showing different activities that kids and adults can enjoy in the coming season. As early as now, kids, teenagers, and young adults, are wondering what they can do in the summer time.

Are you looking for something new to learn this year? Maybe something that you never thought you could ever enjoy? Aside from your usual summer lessons, I’m sure you want to do something fun and different this time. When was the last time you created something between your hands? Something that you can use right in your home or give away as gifts? The work of your hands doesn’t have to be kept in a storage room. Enjoy your handmade masterpiece as you sink your fingers into wet and real clay!

Clay Ave Pottery Studio is offering pottery lessons, to kids and adults, who want to get their hands dirty with clay! Kids ages seven year old and above can join the muddy workshop. The studio is located at 27 Riverview Drive, Blue Ridge B, Quezon City.

Learn the Basic techniques of Hand Building Pottery and feel the spinning clay between your hands too! You don’t need any previous experience in working with clay to join the classes. Just make sure that you want to get your hands dirty with clay! : )

Know more about Clay Ave and how it has been a relaxing and fun destination for old and new students. Enroll before the holy week and get a 5% discount on the lesson fee!

Old and new students, see you at the pottery studio soon! Let Clay Ave be your new destination this summer.

Please visit to see the schedule for summer, summer program, and other details about the workshop. Send an e-mail to to reserve a slot. Contact Mia at 9665168 0r 09178071978.


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