Handmade Ceramics at Art In The Park

Three years in a row, husband and wife, Jon and Tessy Pettyjohn, has invited me to join Art In The Park. AITP is an Art event in Manila where Art schools, galleries, and other Art insititutions gather. Different artists from the country bring their work to the park. Different artworks are sold: metal, wood, cramics, sculpture, paintings, upcycled furniture, photography, etc. Art collectors come to the park and make sure that they reserve the work of the artist they are following and meet new ones too. This year, eight potters from The Philippines joined the event. Three potters from Manila (Joey De Castro, Peppon Rondain, Manny and myself). One from Silang, Cavite (Cornerstone Pottery, EJ Espiritu), Two from Pansol Laguna (The Pettyjohns), and Siegrid Bangyay from Sagada. Philippine kilns were fired for this event. All hoping that our pryrometric cones will all bend and remain excited to unload the kiln the next day.

The rain didn’t stop the artists from bringing works to the park last Saturday. Thankfully, all the rain poured in the morning. People started coming at 1:00pm until midnight! The park was filled with Art collectors, students, and friends, who all enjoyed going through the white tents on the park.

I look forward to these kinds of events. Joining Art In The Park and arts and crafts fairs in Manila, allows me to meet people and know what they like to keep in their homes. After all, they will be the ones to keep my creations. It’s always good to see, who will bring home, the pieces I formed between my hands. Not having my own store (yet), these events encourage me even more to keep doing what I do: teach pottery making at Clay Ave Pottery Studio in Manila and create functional pottery.

I’ve been busy at the pottery studio for the past few months, teaching and creating my pots. To those who welcomed my pots into your homes, thank you! May you enjoy using them as much as I had fun in making them. (Photography by Miguel Beltran)

After seeing the amount of pots that I sold at the park, I realize that I should make more for the next one! (Photgraphy by Miguel Beltran)

My fellow potters were agreeing about one thing last Saturday: Art In The Park gets better every year. We thank the ones who stopped by the Potters Group tent during the rainy and sunny day during the fair. Thank You for seeing the works of passionate potters last Saturday. You all make us continue to work hard and make more beautiful pottery for your homes. (Photography by Miguel Beltran)

To my friends and students who came to the park, thank you! I hope that you all got inspired in making more Ceramics with your own hands. Spread the love for handmade pieces in our country and around the world : )



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