Pottery In January

Clay Ave Pottery Studio is packed in january 2012! Old and new students enrolled. More people are finding out about the mud pit in Quezon City. I am thankful for my students, friends, and family, who are helping me talk about this muddy destination in Manila.

A lot of the old students have completed the Basics in Hand Building (Pinching, Coiling, and Slab Making). After giving them a teaser before their glazing class, they want to make sure that they will go back for more kicking with the potter’s wheel! I make sure, my goal, to make them center their clay on the wheel, will be accomplished.

Students are welcome to come to the pottery studio with a list of pieces they want to make: wind chimes, tea set, dinnerware, mugs, vases, tiles, etc. I make sure that they will bring home, the pots that they want to create. Teaching the techniques is my service. But forming the clay according to what they want them to become, is my students’ goal.

Here’s a photo of a dad and his daughter working with clay on Saturdays. Making pottery is a good way to spend time with family and friends. Moms love this activity so much, but I am thankful, to see dads get their hands dirty with clay too!

Clay Ave is going to have a new look soon. More kick wheels and shelves will be added to the studio and the kiln will be moved, to allow more tables into the space. It’s definitely going to be a better pottery studio for old and new students!

Come to Clay Ave, if you’re looking for a new place, where you can relax right in the city. You have come to the right blog site. You are probably searching for something new to do. Get into a brand new experience and see where this craft can take you. When was the last time you’ve created something with your hands? It’s never late to start now. Whatever age range you are in, you are welcome : )

Please visit http://clayave.weebly.com to see more details. Send an e-mail to clay.ave@gmail.com to reserve for a slot. 


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