Happy Holidays Clay Ave Students!

I would like to thank all the students who have enrolled at Clay Ave Pottery Studio since January 2011. It was just a dream to teach pottery again and you made it all possible! Clay is being processed and the kiln has been fiery because of all your hard work. Thank You for your curiosity in learning a new craft, and your dedication in finishing the first set of six sessions. I appreciate our exchange of funny and inspiring stories. I wish you all the best in the coming year. May greater blessings come your way in 2012. You are all welcome to come and get all muddy again!

More potter’s wheels will be added to the pottery studio in February. So to those who are finished, with The Basics of Hand Building Pottery, it’s time to kick the wheel! Clay Ave is definitely growing. Thanks to old and new students!

A Pottery field trip is happening in January! To those who didn’t make it to the first one, we are going back to Ugu Bigyan’s pottery haven in Tiaong, Quezon. Experience great food in a tropical setting, see the artist do a pottery demo, and tour the pottery workshop too! Three hours south of Manila and an unlimited feast on ceramics in one day!

More activities are in store in the new year. ‎”Like” Clay Ave Pottery Studio on Facebook and get updates about schedule for 2012 classes, recent lesson photos, pottery field trips, clay travels, etc.

Happy Holidays from the mud pit in Quezon City!

Mia Casal

Studio Potter in Manila

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