MaARTe 2011

Over a week ago, I was asked by fellow Philippine potters, to join an arts and crafts fair in Manila. Last year, four of us from the Putik group, joined “MaARTe” at The National Museum. This year, I was the only potter at the fair. It was great meeting a lot of new people. Thanks to Mara Pardo De Tavera, for saving a table for handmade ceramics. Thanks to Cedie Lopez-Vargas, for introducing me to her friends, and appreciating how I set up my corner. Your kind words encourage me to keep making more pottery.

People ask how I sell my handmade stoneware pots and jewelry. I don’t have my own store or gallery yet. But I join arts and crafts fairs and other well-organized bazaars in the city. One of which is Whitespace in Pasong Tamo extension, which I am going to be a part of (again), very soon. I also set up appointments, for people who want to see my works before weekends. My apartment is located in Quezon City.

It’s always a dream to have a one woman show in The Philippines. It will come to pass. And hopefully, it will happen in 2012. A very special time for me. It’s going to be a decade of being crazy about Ceramics and I still find myself dedicated to it. It must be love. Love at first touch. I am very thankful to my master potter, who gave me the skill, talent, and perseverance, to continue pursuing a unique kind of passion.

Here are some favorite photos from MaARTe 2011…

These are works by Sinag De Leon. Thanks, Sinag, for letting me hang out in your corner. (Photo by Sinag de Leon)

I found this wicker bag at the Dapitan Arcade in Quezon City. A haven for shoppers who are looking for very affordable ceramics, glass, wicker, wood, wrought iron, bamboo, etc. One of my favorite places in town for amazing bargain finds! They sell more things in November. Make sure to go there early! (Photo by Sinag de Leon)

More and more people are interested in learning pottery. To those who find Quezon City far, you can learn pottery right in your own home! Please visit to see more details about the muddy workshop. And send an e-mail to to reserve a slot. Make something special for your friends and loved ones this coming Christmas by getting your hands dirty with clay!

All hands were busy during the fair. Some were busy paying at the cashier, some were trying on some jewelry, and the others were busy writing on receipts. For these ladies, they make sure that they create very colorful bags from crocheting plastic!

This young woman, Raya, made sure that she brought her tools and metal wire with her. I found her silently working on some interesting pieces during the fair. I love seeing people, creatively working on projects with found objects or other materials for arts and crafts.

This little bicycle with wooden beads caught my attention first. (Photo by Sinag de Leon)

She didn’t only make bicycles, but also something to hold them in place. A bicycle stand! How cool is that!

While watching Raya create her handmade bicycle cellphone loops, I said, “Hey! Why not make jewelry too!” So here I am, trying on the bicycle earrings that matches my super lightweight  scarf. (Photo by Sinag de Leon)

Raya is not running out of ideas. I also asked her to make me a bracelet. And just like any crafter who is very passionate, she twists, cuts, and forms her metal wire with excitement. I watch her closely and know that this girl has the skill and talent to create beautiful pieces. All handmade of course! (Photo by Sinag de Leon)

Thanks, Raya, for making my bracelet on-the-spot! Ang galing mo talaga! (Photo by Sinag de Leon)

Thanks, Sinag, for being so cheerful and warm all throughout the arts and crafts fair. Nakakatuwa kayong mag-ina!

Thanks, Jo, for coming to the arts and crafts fair. I appreciate your kindness and helping hand! (Photo by Sinag de Leon)

When is the next arts and crafts fair? Stay tuned for upcoming dates. One thing is for sure, hands are continuously busy in making handmade pieces. Whether arts and crafts are made from clay, wood, metal, glass, plastic, etc. Everything is 100% handmade, 100% Filipino and 101% filled with passion and love for anything made by hand!

I hope to see you at the next arts and crafts fair in Manila!


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