MaARTe Arts & Crafts Fair in Manila 2010

I enjoy going to arts and crafts fairs since I was kid. I remember my mom taking me to places where Philippine-made products are sold. Until now, it excites me to see intricate works by my fellow Filipino craftsmen and artisans.

Many thanks to Mara and The Pettyjohns, the mom and pop in Philippine pottery, who always invite me to these fairs in the city.

Last year’s fair was held at The National Museum. I had a great time hanging out with fellow potters and passionate craftsmen of my country. The Philippines is rich in arts and crafts. Traditional and contemporary.

In the evening, we watched some live music with some of the top bands in the country.

The courtyard of the National Museum was converted into a concert destination with the full moon above us.

Come to Silverlens Lab this weekend! My handmade stoneware pots, old and new, will be part of the arts and crafts fair. Come and see the works of the finest craftsmen and artisans all over The Philippines. Shop for jewelry, bags, textile, glass, ceramics, etc.

Mabuhay ang gawang Pilipino!


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