Clay Ave Private Pottery Party!

Learning Pottery is not confined within the walls of a pottery studio. You can create your own works right in your very own home.

Clay Ave is a pottery studio located in Quezon City. I have a group of students who come on Saturdays. One of them, Sofia,  just turned ten years old. Her mom, Jenifer,  suggests that she throws a private pottery party at their home in Makati City. A first for Clay Ave! All you need is a very sturdy table and chairs! Meterials and pottery tools will all be ready. Just sit back and stay excited as you get your hands dirty with clay! Make pots with friends, relatives, and neighbors!

Mobile Potter, Mia Casal, leaves the pottery studio to teach pottery for the first time. I prepared the kids’ clay a few days earlier. Made sure that pottery tools are ready to come with me. As expected, I arrived an hour earlier. Just enough time to relax and set up the table for the kids.

The first batch had a great time working with clay for the first time. The birthday girl (in red) is definitely having a “Happy Birthday”. Since she’s been coming to Clay Ave for several Saturdays now, she teaches her friends how to pinch their clay. Thanks for the help, Sofia!

Pinching pots is the most basic in Hand Building Pottery. All of the kids’ works look all the same in the beginning. And as soon as I say, “Get creative!” , they all started turning their simple pinched pots into different creative pieces.

Some of them made fruit bowls, flower pots, and animals.

The second batch of kids are eight and nine year olds. Lolita’s friends (Sofia’s sister). They were patiently waiting for their turn and made sure that they have fun like the first batch.

A Birthday celebration isn’t complete without singing “Happy Birthday” and blowing candles. Thank You, Jenifer, for inviting Clay Ave to your home. Sofia and Lolita, thanks for helping me during the demo. I surely had so much fun with you all!

Clay Ave is a pottery destination in Quezon City, for those who are willing to pass through C5, Katipunan, Libis, and other roads that lead to the pottery studio. But Clay Ave is now going mobile! Private Pottery Parties are not only for kids. Adults can have a great time learning pottery with friends and family too!

All pieces are brought back to the pottery on the same day. Glazing will be done at the pottery studio in Quezon City, and the pots will be returned to the host, glazed and ready to be used!

Plan for a unique birthday present for your loved ones. Come to Clay Ave in QC or Clay Ave will come to your home! You can have fun and learn something at the same time. You can be as young as eight years old, or about to celebrate your senior years. Add a unique twist as you celebrate your birthday and as you bring life to a lump of clay!

For more inquiries, please visit or send an e-mail to


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