Dirty August!

The month of August is filled with new students at Clay Ave! Balls of clay are slapped & formed, using The Basics of Hand Building Techniques.

Kids usually come with their moms on Saturdays. They enjoy forming pieces out of clay they can use and play with later on. Lolita here shows her pot that she created using the coiling technique.

Sisters – Sofia and Lolita, make sure they do pottery on saturdays with their mom. They spend two hours of their time, creating what they want to keep in their home. They all created teapots last Saturday. These kids are all set for a tea party!

New students get to try working on the wheel in their fifth session. Centering their clay with the potter’s wheel, will make students feel the difference between Hand Building and Wheel Throwing. And I tell ya, they’re totally different!

Aubrey comes once a week with her three year old daughter, Kaela. The little princess makes her clay pizza, while her mom assists her. That ball of clay in Aubrey’s hand is ready for some pinching!

Dimple comes to Clay Ave two times a week and her six sessions are done in a flash!

More people are coming to the pottery studio with a lot of reasons: “I want to try something new”, “I am on a crossroad right now and would like to discover new things”, “I want to be away from my daily routine”, “I’m stressed out”, “I want to know if I can be creative with clay”, “I had a bad break up” and for most kids, “I want to play”, etc. It has been a “therapeutic place” for most of them. Whatever reason you may have, you are welcome!

Are you ready for a brand new experience that will transform pots and your tired mind and body? Sign up now! To my old and current students, refer a friend and get a 10% discount on your Basic Wheel Throwing sessions!

I am now accepting new students for the month of September! Please visit http://clayave.weebly.com to see more details about the mudy workshop.  Send an e-mail to clay.ave@gmail.com to reserve a slot. You may also contact Mia Casal at these numbers: +632 9665168 or +63 9178071978. 


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