Old Is New

Quezon City is known for a lot of things. There’s quite a number of artists who live on this side of Metro Manila, a good number of restaurants are found in unexpected streets in the city, and several destinations to shop for unconventional materials, clothing, Art works, etc.

A group of friends decided to rent an old house on a street where not a lot of people hear about. Alabama Street. It is very near E. Rodgriquez and right before Hemady (coming from EDSA). It’s a quiet street and if you don’t know anyone who lives in the area, you may not have seen it ever. I am a QC girl and I have not seen this spot until I got invited to join an Arts & Crafts fair over the weekend.

This old home is starting to become a destination, where one can spend an easy time with its owners (who are by the way, very pleasant and VERY creative people), to see and taste the work of their hands (upcycle journals, drawings, tea concoctions, found objects haven, etc).

There’s a lot of nice and old homes around QC and this is something special. 10a Alabama is the main address on which this beautiful home stands. It holds a huge backyard with big trees where we stayed during the fair last Saturday.

I’ve seen some very interesting homes around this town and what appeals to me the most are the old, unpolished, unassuming, and unexpected ones. I guess I just really love the idea of making something new from what is old, ruined, or used.

Since the whole concept is old and new, I decided to bring my old and new pots to the fair.

I didn’t mind staying under the sun at all. The heat of summer is nothing compared to the heat inside a fiery furnace. It’s all good.

I’ve decided to split some plates and use them as serving trays. I will be making more of these. I had fun making them at the mud pit in QC. I love my little accidents with clay. Nothing is wasted and I make sure that they are all functional, whether they are broken or even with cracks too.

GOOD food was served during the Arts & Crafts Fair by Hausbesetzer c/0 Jetro Rafael. He made sure that people who joined the fair, including guests, are not hungry. I was a little worried in the beginning because I didn’t want to go out to buy my food. Thanks to my new friend who is very hospitable and accommodating to everyone he meets! A very good host who doesn’t cook food like the top chefs. I’ve never seen food prepared like how this man does it. Goodbye fancy cuisine! Hello eclectic  dining!

Thank You to the founders of 10a Alabama. You make Quezon City a cool place to visit. I am looking forward to seeing you all again. I must say that this is one weekend I will never forget. I’m very sure that this old home carries a lot of stories that were shared among friends and family members in the past. Now that new people come in and out of it, I hope that blessing upon blessing will fill every room and corner of the house, including the hearts and souls of the people who make this place worth visiting.

I am thankful for these new discoveries that are totally conceptualized by passion. Are you tired of the same concrete walls in the mall these days? Looking for a new place where you can hang out during the day time? Don’t want to spend too much, stay right in the city and yet witness something new in town? Come to 10a Alabama. It’s not only a place where minds meet. But it’s definitely a spot where the old has become brand new.

I’m sure that a lot of similar ideas will sprout from Filipino minds after seeing this place. There’s a lot of abandoned homes around this town that are waiting to be brought back to life. Open your eyes. Walk around. Be open to new possibilities from old structures. Let’s continue to transform homes in Manila one street at a time.

All it takes is passion. And most Filipinos have it.


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