Mud Madness!

Summertime makes me want to stay in an air conditioned room for hours all day. Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of time to sit around and do nothing.

It feels good to share my pottery studio to people who are interested in learning the craft: Kids, teenagers, and adults.

This summer has been fun at the pottery studio. Some of my students come to unwind from their daily grind in the city, some of them try to get away from bad vibes, or to vent out their problems while working with clay, and some just want to get dirty and have some clay fun! Whatever reason you may have, whatever age bracket you belong to, YOU ARE WELCOME!

They don’t mind the heat at all. And they are willing to get their hands dirty with clay.

Some don’t mind getting their shirt, arms, face and hair all muddy too!

The second technique that I teach is COILING. It is basically rolling clay on the table to create long strips of clay. These strips can create tall pieces when they are joined vertically. The shape of the base will determine the shape of the whole piece. For example, if the base of the pot is round, a cylindrical shape will be produced. Add ons are always welcome in using this technique (just like this coiled basket on the photo above). The foundation of the pot from the base is very important. Consistency in the thickness of coils is always encouraged.

She decided to braid some coiled clay for a strong handle!

Before each session starts, I usually share the basic technique to the students. I show them several photos from my pottery books on how they can make pieces by using the technique for the day. I don’t normally tell them what to make. I give them the freedom to tell me what they want, and I will guide them as they make their very own pot!

What are your hands busy with these days? Learning a new hobby is never too late. I will guide you through the different techniques in Hand Building Pottery (for beginners). And Wheel Throwing, for those who want to continue working with the potter’s wheel.

Saturday is now open for new students! Please visit to see more details about the muddy workshop. To those who are willing to learn and need a bigger space for ten or more students, please send an e-mail to I’m sure we could work something out!


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