Mia Casal Ceramics @ 10a Alabama

Metro Manila is a huge city and I grew up right in Quezon City. I know every main and side street of this town. Recently, as I explore the artsy scene of my hometown, I met an interesting man. His name is Jetro Rafael and he owns the very creative and unexpected Van Gogh Is Bipolar on Maginhawa Street. I have not tasted the food that he serves yet, but  visiting his home gives me a taste of his eclectic menu. He is not only well traveled around the globe, but he enjoys talking casually about life and what he can offer to people. He basically offers himself and what he knows which includes Travel, Photography, Art, Food, and practical advice on choosing emotions.   He mentioned about this new place  in QC that will open in May. I told him that I make Handmade Ceramics and that I am looking for places in Manila where I could sell my pots. He asked me to check out this new place which is being run by his friend, “Resurrection”: Furniture and Found Objects Gallery. I am the type of person who gets all excited when I get the chance to discover new places. With all the artistic vibe that is going around QC these days, who will not get excited to see what’s next?

One day, while teaching pottery to a student of mine, we’ve decided to  have lunch out after getting our hands dirty with clay and visit Alabama Street. I thought I knew Quezon City too well. I love it when I go to places for the very first time and discover creative happenings in the area. The blue and white gate captured my attention right away. To my surprise, Jetro, was in the space too! He showed me around the old home which now holds his tea laboratory, “Hausbesetzer.” He told me and my student that we are the first ones to ever see his laboratory! I loved every single thing that I saw in there. Jetro! I have yet to give you my handmade tea set!

I will not describe how everything looks like in this blog. That is for you, my readers, to find out for yourselves. How? Come to the opening of 10A Alabama in May 14th and 15th!

I’ve never seen anything like this in Quezon City in my thirty three years of existence in this town. In Brooklyn, sure. But here in Manila? This is a first! I will be selling my handmade pottery along with other Philippine artists who will sell their creations.

The Arts and Crafts Fair starts at 9AM! I’m starting to work on my new pots and stoneware jewelry for this fair. I heard it’s going to be a lot of fun! Hope to see you there!


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