Plates Please!

We all love to eat. And we put our food on plates. Several kinds of pots can be created on the potter’s wheel. I used to be intimidated with making plates. I guess because they are made flat unlike vases or bowls, which I am more used to making in the past. I always make extra pieces. Plates are prone to cracking but I am happy to finally get the right thickness to avoid these nasty lines that appear through them.

I weigh my recycled clay and make sure that I don’t waste any material. Sometimes it’s better to use old scraps of clay that have been stored in my plastic buckets. I would only add water and let it sit for an hour or two ( sometimes overnight). I remove the water and dry the clay on plaster bats.

Thrown plates is now one of my favorite pots to produce. I normally throw the same size and alter the rims when they are in the leather hard stage. I purposefully make them look uneven. But making sure that it’s all part of a whole set. I will use my favorite rustic white glaze on these plates and post the photos here after I fire them. No two plates are going to be alike.

My pieces are not ever going to be the same. One is slightly bigger than the other. It can also have the same glaze but one can appear darker or lighter in color. All my creations are handmade and I will maintain that organic look at all times. If people who love to cook can put life to their recipes, I do the same with my pottery. Not to be eaten of course!

My hands are wet all throughout the day. Throwing pots on the wheel requires water and a good amount of patience, joy and a lot of passion. My favorite tool is this wooden rib with a hole in the middle. It removes unwanted ridges off my plates and it also smoothens out the corner of each piece between the base and wall of a plate. It is also used best for throwing big bowls.

Pottery Term: “Throwing”

Definition: To twist or turn a ball of clay that is placed in the center of the potter’s wheel. The potter rotates the wheel by foot (kicking motion) or with the use of an electric wheel. The wheel rotates rapidly while the solid ball of soft clay is pressed, squeezed and pulled gently upwards and outwards into a hollow shape.

Now the word, throwing, doesn’t sound weird anymore whenever I use it in a sentence. People sometimes wonder if I am literally throwing plates in the pottery studio. Yes I am. Throwing the potter’s way : )

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2 thoughts on “Plates Please!

  1. hi mia….i just love pottery…wish i could try it one of these days….especially love your works! hope i could have even just one fine piece of your work ….would love to flaunt it inside my house! : )

    • Hey Rene! Come to the pottery studio soon and get your hands dirty with clay! You will love it, I promise. After cooking that oh so delicious Adobo, your beautiful home deserves a nice handmade pottery by yours truly : ) Flaunt it all you want! It’s going to be yours soon!

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