New Year! New Pots!

Happy New Year! The Holiday Season has finally stopped as soon as I find myself stuck in traffic today. I’ve enjoyed the few days without the traffic. While some of the people from Metro Manila went on their Christmas vacation, and when the roads are clear from reckless drivers, a backyard in Quezon City was busy as clay was being kneaded on the table and thrown on the potter’s wheel. The temperature in my kiln continues to rise as the cool, December air, surrounds me and my drying pots.

In the daytime, my kiln at the pottery studio, continues to get all fiery as I make new pots for 2011. I love this time of the year in The Philippines. It’s not only the coolest month, but I am also turning 33 years old soon. I don’t know why I have to tell my age. Age doesn’t matter to me anyway. Who cares. LOL.

New Year! New Pots! I will be at Mercato Centrale this weekend from 6 am until 2pm. I hope to see you there!

These hands that are about to turn 33 years old have been busy with clay over the holidays.


These pots are drying tonight and they will be fired tomorrow. Ready to be used this weekend!


Drying my spoon rest upside down.  A crowd favorite @ MC. I’m bringing more this weekend!


Mercato Centrale is right beside the parking lot behind The Spa Bonifacio High Street! Address is 30th street corner 9th ave., Bonifacio Global City.

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